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Limitless:Mesmerizing mirages 

Limitless love lulling liveliness.

You disappeared with all;

At the fret of my heart
Limitless line, loneliness’ lane:

Created your own boundary;

An oasis beyond my desert

Limitless love, limitless loneliness!



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Inspirited by her wondrous heart;
We walked one puny path, severed.
Like centuries, albeit naught
Than grievous gash left in the chest,
Twinges afresh, salt’s garnished!

She’s a saber, keenly to cut deep-in
And those eyes; held her like rage of sun
Did they not burnt like sulphur-hell?
But heaven sought I in her evilness:
Evilness smile; evilness beauty!

Only then revels in tis pleasure of hate
Her hunters’ spear, arrow and bow–
Shots to dead, no semblance of cupid’s
She do not bear a crimson heart;
Murk environed, and horrid eyes!

In tis dead passions,
We collided in a coalescent route…
Its centuries, since the sky’s not a haven
My lamps cannot dwell!
No sublime shines adorned.
…We collided in gaze of memories


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How; my heart quelled and bent
In nights and unhonored dawns
Neither can I tell of your diffusing scent
Tripping through reeling rays

Yesterday was like strength of rock-root
Unknown squall plunged us into seas apart
The sally: conquest of true words
But can’t fit the verse of a bard

I stand on highest top hills
No thy trails upon curling flowers
Or in the wavy waters of thin rills
No chirps from the birds could inspirit
…My soul’s trance and blur

Then I knew, the void of muse:
Whence, sky’s gentle lights shimmer and waste
And sweet winds pervade without use
But in new comely lights I shall return.


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A fetter that cannot be split:
Of greatest and sharpest of all blades
Scrupulous carelessness:
Vilest murk called smartest of lights?
What heart be so a foolery of sight
Where love lies not; is fain to find?
Of each day it grows like a flo’er,
All nourishment of rain is rained upon.

Sauntering place to place in cuffs
No separation wished;
Repentance of one hoped on bleak-tip
Relinquish not; the illusive lovers:
One is fair, one is a terror–of love…
Such a love lives a life of dew;
Constant; venerates to sun-light-reign

Cistern of heart overflows
In truest sight is as desert floor
Surreal; till hand of rue relish pain;
Still persistence in devoted love.
…One is as tender rose’s innocence
The other, a scoundrel!

ONCE IN THE WOMB (by Stephen Crøwn Gyet)

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Life’s long emergence– life leaps to muted space:
We Tell not where each entity be place
The holy hands of the sculptor shaped:
Sojourn-souls, and time of each one served
But no man’s time is scrawl on the face

O, why then man in striding days display!
Sweet snore in sofa while winds spray?
But in their time-serve; winds with thrillful trees
For end, all fain they in their earth sprees
Even as when the sun’s gray, of proud ray…

Nothing metaphorical of time:
Its nimbly feet void of all words I might rhyme
But this moment, pen-truth; man should read
Time halts not… Speedily; eternal head!
One man’s death; his existence sublime.


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Of lustful lass
Lost in love-dance

And danced until lost
Morrow and its sorrow holds
A sharp cut of lust…

O Young womb; warms a child!
Of their sunset-dance:
A pleasure and then wild…