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A fetter that cannot be split:
Of greatest and sharpest of all blades
Scrupulous carelessness:
Vilest murk called smartest of lights?
What heart be so a foolery of sight
Where love lies not; is fain to find?
Of each day it grows like a flo’er,
All nourishment of rain is rained upon.

Sauntering place to place in cuffs
No separation wished;
Repentance of one hoped on bleak-tip
Relinquish not; the illusive lovers:
One is fair, one is a terror–of love…
Such a love lives a life of dew;
Constant; venerates to sun-light-reign

Cistern of heart overflows
In truest sight is as desert floor
Surreal; till hand of rue relish pain;
Still persistence in devoted love.
…One is as tender rose’s innocence
The other, a scoundrel!

ONCE IN THE WOMB (by Stephen Crøwn Gyet)

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Originally posted on VerseUp! Against Women Abuse!!!:

From the cells’ race; singled-out semen
To time the womb delightfully received
Professed fetus, by scientific men
And field of constant kicks, mama believed

Times fed through the navel-straw:
Do you behold the memory?
Of kicks, no cares, her gut to claw?
…You can’t remember to tell the story!

In there, do you see bright bulbs, or dark?
Before the world’s main lights;
You do, for the next, engrave a mark?
Of bequest and fetus’ rites

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Life’s long emergence– life leaps to muted space:
We Tell not where each entity be place
The holy hands of the sculptor shaped:
Sojourn-souls, and time of each one served
But no man’s time is scrawl on the face

O, why then man in striding days display!
Sweet snore in sofa while winds spray?
But in their time-serve; winds with thrillful trees
For end, all fain they in their earth sprees
Even as when the sun’s gray, of proud ray…

Nothing metaphorical of time:
Its nimbly feet void of all words I might rhyme
But this moment, pen-truth; man should read
Time halts not… Speedily; eternal head!
One man’s death; his existence sublime.


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Of lustful lass
Lost in love-dance

And danced until lost
Morrow and its sorrow holds
A sharp cut of lust…

O Young womb; warms a child!
Of their sunset-dance:
A pleasure and then wild…


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If I can’t stop the rain fall of my eyes
Can’t you halt the gore bleeding in my heart?
O, with viper’s fangs shredded me apart!
Like leave in sun-disdain drains and dries

Shall you then bury me in the ground
Or remember the times of my bane?
Your paramour; tis love found insane.
In thy life’s essence true love unbound

I can’t stop my sky from its teary water
Let then shower my shrinkable roots of love
O More! more and more of cloud above
Thunder; to cut off my cuff of emotion
I love with no brim and limit of full…


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Like a flo’er blooming to dawn’s humming wind
Then go shy to noon’s violent ray
The kind of pains with mirth and holy grind
Can’t tell o’ love that comes and fades away!
Leaving my heart by: weal and gore
O, the feelings of you– I can’t hide no more…


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Her heart’s nature:
Passionate like quivering flowers
In misty chill mesmerized

Discerning lights; the sun-lids
Disclosing in her morn culture
Of pearly lips and sweet amber

O! Her heart’s nature:
As tamely as foliage-prime

To fine wind and drooling dew.
… I’ll simply be the wind and dew!
By her nippy heart


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